Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Sync & Import Are Here (on an iOS Device Near You)!

Announcing our biggest, most significant update to Stick Pick since its initial launch. We’re committed to making Stick Pick the go-to teacher tool for building equity, differentiating instruction, promoting critical thinking, improving classroom management, collecting formative assessment data, and supporting the Common Core (CCSS).

Here’s what’s new:
• Sync. Now, teachers can keep their data synchronized across all their iOS devices, via Dropbox.
• Import class rosters from Dropbox. Create a CSV file in your favorite spreadsheet application, upload it to Dropbox, and import it right from within Stick Pick.
• View scores for an entire class, all from one screen.
• Share whole-class scores in a variety of popular file formats, such as Excel, PDF, or CSV via AirDrop, Message, Mail, Print, and more…
• Set Class Default for any class. (For example, now you can start with everyone at the same level of difficulty).
• Disable Class Default. Differentiate for individual learners by moving them higher or lower as needed without changing the rest of the class.
• Reorder the list of classes from the Classes screen.
• Swipe to delete a class right from the Classes screen.
• Swipe to delete a student directly from the Roster screen.
• Attach a Student ID to each student.
• Using just one, two, or all three identifiers is now permitted when adding students to a class (i.e. First Name; and/or Last Name; and/or Student ID).
• New Hidden Toolbar lets users search for students across all classes or within a particular class; also provides a shortcut to the new App Settings screen. (Swipe down from Classes, Sticks, and Roster screens to reveal hidden toolbar).
• New “Scores" Button in the lower tab bar menu lets users view a whole class of students' scores all at once.
• Improved overall appearance of buttons to align more with iOS 8.
• Fixed bug that wouldn’t respond to “Shake to Pick”
• Added a new "Sync on WiFi Only” toggle switch that gives users the choice to limit synchronization only when connected via WiFi
• Various cosmetic enhancements, including the overall look of most buttons to align more with iOS8.
• Various bug fixes