Thursday, November 17, 2011

New Support Site for Stick Pick

Welcome to our new support site. We're still moving content over from the previous support site, but much of it's here now. I look forward to making Stick Pick the best teacher tool possible. As always, if you can think of any features you'd like to see in a future update, please let me know!

Features Coming Soon:
-Android version
-High res support for iPad with landscape mode
-Much, much more...

Thanks for stopping by!

-Buzz Garwood
Stick Pick


  1. I'm looking forward to the Android version... got to try the iPod version today & I want this!

  2. Thanks, Anne! 'Til the Android version comes out, perhaps you can confiscate one of your student's iPods for official "teacher-use!" Thanks for your kind words. I'm working on the UI so it's almost identical to the iOS version. I'll let you know as soon as it's out!


  3. Just heard about StickPick yesterday and now can't wait for the Android version! I'm hoping it will also be compatible for Android tablets (ie: Color Nook)...Thanks for sharing this fabulous app. Looking forward to utilizing it in my classroom!

  4. Hi Krista,
    It's coming! I don't have a timeline yet, but an Android version is on the front burner. We'll keep you posted...Thanks for your support!

  5. I was able to play with this app on my husband's iPhone and loved the app! As a first grade teacher with a Reading Specialist and ESL endorsement, I can see how this app will be a benefit to many students and their teachers. Thank you for creating such an app, but now I am anxiously waiting for this app for my android phone (not ready to part with my phone for one app).

  6. I can't wait until the Android version comes out! I love my Android but there aren't nearly enough good ed. apps for it!

  7. I just heard about stick pick and I'm extremely excited for it to be available on the android!! I'll be keeping my eyes open for!!

  8. I downloaded Stick Picks in Feb and then forgot about it b/c it never showed up on my I-pad. I had forgotten the name and then recently saw it in my I-tunes, but it doesn't appear in my purchased apps on the I-pad. I tried to see if I could redownload it, but it isn't in the App Store anymore. Can someone please help me? I see the last user post was recent, so the Stick Pick is still working. Thank you.

    1. It's not a universal app yet, so I believe that's why it didn't download to your iPad. Hopefully sometime this June, my developer will be finished with the update and it will be optimized for iPad and it should automatically download to all your iOS devices. In the meantime, search for Stick Pick from your iPad in the iPhone section and it should be a free download.

  9. Time for school to start, time for the droid version to be out! Any updates?

  10. Hi Miss Teddi,
    As you know, I was aiming for a Summer release, but porting Stick Pick has taken longer than expected. My developer tells me I will have an updated beta to preview in the next ten days. At that time, I'll test it, and if everything is perfect, we can release it. More than likely, however, here will be a few things to fix, and I'll need to look at yet another beta prior to release, so honestly don't know an exact time. I want to say September, and given how close we are, it may be that soon -- but right now, I'm just going to say Fall release. Thanks for your message, and the moment it's released, I'll write a blog post here, so subscribe so you can be among the first to know.

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