Friday, October 30, 2015

iOS 9.1 Update Breaks a Few Things

You're not alone. Unfortunately, the recent iOS 9.1 update breaks a few buttons in Stick Pick. Being a sophisticated user of smart devices, I'm sure you're aware that debugging apps is an ongoing process. Although it's disappointing whenever a bug is detected, it's a necessary reality in order that improvements can be made, and boundaries can be pushed. Not only Stick Pick users, but it's also been reported that all developers are facing issues in iOS 9.

Known Issues:
1) Immediately after updating her iPad to iOS 9.1, a user reported (and I confirmed today on my own device) that Stick Pick on iPads crash when user selects a class, and then taps the 'Settings' button. When a user selects a class, and then taps 'Settings,' the app springboards back to the Home Screen. This is a new error as a result of installing iOS 9.1. Restarting your device does not help. Uninstalling and then reinstalling the app also does not help. This issue pertains to classes added to Stick Pick prior to the update, as well as new classes added to Stick Pick.

 2) It was also just brought to my attention that if you click on 'Scores' and then press the 'Done' button, app is crashing similarly. We are rigorously checking all functionalities.

Please email support at if you find any other bugs related to the new iOS 9.1. I will update this post, and add it to our list. I can assure you that we are working on bugs as I type. Thanks for your awesome support!


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